Introducing Christof! the Clown
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Happy Clients

"Energetic, engaging, and extremely enthusiastic performances, which guarantee to be an absolute treat for any audience. Kids are both thrilled and amazed, while adults are thoroughly amused and entertained. Christof!! is a performer for all ages and crowds. Excellent"

Ged Wood - Melbourne International Comedy Festival


"We are still reeling with laughter - you certainly invigorated a bunch of very tired investment bankers. We can't wait until the next opportunity!!"
Margaret Battisson - Credit Suisse First Boston



"His physical skills and timing are impeccable -
He creates an irresistible atmosphere of fun."
Pamela Payne -Sydney Morning Herald
"Thanks for your great performance, they are still talking about it.
You got the balance just right."

Tim Harrop - Department of Human Services


"Christof!! was his usual inspired goofy self.
He can juggle up a storm and play any number of musical instruments.
Christof!!'s great skill is in the way he develops a playful rapport with an audience. Then he knows he can get away with anything,"
Edmonton Sun
"By your very presence (charm, talent and comedic brilliance), you represent our wildest dreams come true."
Pamela Anthony - Edmonton International Comedy Arts Festival