Introducing Christof! the Clown
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School Shows

"Christof!!'s show was stunning -skilled, hilarious, engaging & packed full of valuable information which functioned on many levels - historical, theatrically, informative,-"

St. Michaels Grammar School



APPLAUSO is a one-man show based on three Commedia dell'Arte characters. The Commedia dell'Arte is an Italian creation filled with music, movement and strong interesting characters from different regions of Italy.


Christof!! brings Pulchinella (the scoundrel), Arlecchino (the peasant) and Pantalone (the miser) to life in hand made traditional masks. Each character has a routine based on their personality and using Christof!!'s wide range of circus skills.

These routines provide an excellent vehicle for language interplay and repetition. The vocabulary is simple and explained in the course of the show encouraging students to have fun with their Italian language skills.


APPLAUSO is designed to compliment Level 1 and Level 2 Italian LOTE and cultural diversity.


great crowd control, exciting, fantastic, great characters,
kept everyone (prep to adults) enthralled."
Fitzroy North PS VIC.

 Christof Trading Faces
Using a ludicrous array of costumes, props and musical instruments, Christof!!'s charming and eccentric comic characters create an atmosphere of fun so accessible that the audience will want to join in...and they do! Amidst the laughter and lunacy Trading Faces introduces audiences to different aspects of clowning, comedy, role-playing and improvisation. It emphasises the difference between live performance and TV and for primary even teaches a little German. A specially adapted version for Secondary schools also explores the links between the rich traditions of Comedian Declare, Vaudeville and Circus with Christof!!'s own contemporary clown style.

"Christof!!'s eminence, training and experience shone through immediately.
He captivated staff & students alike. I cannot recommend Christof!! more highly.
We'd have him back again anytime."
Risdon Park High School SA


 Christof! Click to view enlarged... Starting with the travelling Minstrels and Troubadours of the dark ages ('Chapeauography' and a traditional British penny whistle routine), we chart the artistic and geographic journey of the Clown, through the Commedia dell'Arte of the Italian Renaissance (the traditional leather mask of Arlecchino comes alive in a chaotic master/servant plate spinning banquet), the Vaudeville halls of the Australian gold rushes (a Spike Jones inspired little-big band), the resurgence of interest in Clowning during the 1970's (contemporary style character Clown) and finally we come full circle, returning to the tradition of the Troubadour with the contemporary Street Performer or Busker (a ridiculous unicycle finale using all the skills in the show at once) .


By portraying the history of the itinerant entertainer in the context of an interactive show, the desired outcome is an experience and understanding of the (in this case Western) cultural roots of comedy and theatre, of the different styles and approaches possible, of the skills involved and of the influences of world events on entertainment and vice versa. Interacting directly with the audience, Christof!! brings a sense of immediacy to the piece, allowing creative input from the audience within the structure of the scenes. The participating audience members are always the ultimate heroes of the show, the true 'stars'.

Troubadour is designed for Secondary Schools.


"It was great, funny, refreshing, original.
I haven't seen a performance where students have been as enthusiastic."
Stawell Secondary College VIC